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Welcome to Legacy of Texas – the official store of the Texas State Historical Association and your window to Texas history! We offer museum quality reproductions of important Texas maps, art, and documents. For over one hundred years TSHA has provided resources reflecting the rich heritage of the Lone Star State to people all over the world with a passion for Texas history. The handcrafted historic recreations we provide adorn the offices, homes, and boardrooms of distinguished Texans throughout the state. Printed on high quality archival papers using archival inks, these reproductions provide the highest resolution and color. Along with our large collection of maps and art, you will also find an outstanding series of flags which are emblematic of Texas’ rich history. Whether you are a collector, designer, or just an individual who appreciates the rich and unique story of Texas, you will find these a wonderful addition to your home or office. Legacy of Texas is proud to offer the highest quality historical reproduction maps, art, documents and flags that capture the essence of Texas history.

Texas has a special place in history and in the minds of people throughout the world. It has a mystique that no other state and few foreign countries have ever equaled. Texas also has the distinction of being the only state in the United States that was an independent country for almost 10 years, free and separate, recognized as a sovereign government by the United States, France and England. The pride and confidence of Texans started in those years, and the “Lone Star” emblem, a symbol of those feelings, was developed through the series of maps, flags, art, and books you will find here at Legacy of Texas.

Texas spirit is reflected in the hundreds of stories about its people and their attitudes, the land and its natural riches, and the fortunes made and lost overnight. This spirit can be traced back 150 years to the fight for independence from Mexico. This spirit can be traced back more than 200 years to the fight for independence from Spain and later Mexico.

We hope that you enjoy this insight into the lives of the early days of Texas. Own a piece of Texas history, and share the spirit of the Legacy of Texas!


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Our Products


All Legacy of Texas map reproductions are published from the original historical map using state of the art scanning technology and equipment to capture the craftsmanship and detail that went in to creating these maps. When framed, our historical map reproductions can easily be mistaken as an original. All maps are printed on acid free heavy bond archival paper which protects against fading and paper degradation. We also ship all maps rolled in a heavy duty tube.

Legacy of Texas is dedicated to the art of printmaking, and every item printed is made of only the highest quality materials. All prints are suitable for framing and will be enjoyed for many years to come.


Many groups designed and flew flags during the Texas Revolution. Other sporadic, short-lived revolutionary movements also produced flags. With the exception of the flag of the New Orleans Greys and some of the flags flown at the battle of San Jacinto, however, none of these flags still exist. Descriptions of them are therefore based on historical accounts that have varying degrees of reliability. Several revolutionary movements predated the revolution. The Gutiérrez-Magee expedition is said to have displayed a green flag. In 1816, Louis Michel Aury’s three Galveston Island pirate ships are said to have flown a flag consisting of a white field bordered in red, which in the center displayed a blue sword and olive branch surmounted by a green wreath.

All Legacy of Texas flags are cloth stitched, crafted by hand and have been aged to give their antique look and appearance. Our Explorer edition (27″ x 31″) flags feature metal grommets while our Legacy edition (43″ x 31″) extend edge to edge of frame. All flags are framed with an elegant mahogany finish and matted with glass. Hanging hardware is included and pieces are delivered ready to hang.

Texas Art

Texas has long been a magnet to artists enamored of its varied landscapes, Western culture, and rustic simplicity. The Lone Star State has produced some of the most sought after Western artists in the world and Legacy of Texas strives to keep that longstanding tradition.

The Legacy of Texas Western Art collection brings pastoral scenes, gentle remembrances and the romantic nostalgia that represent the soul of Texas. Artists such as Roberta Wesley, David Stocklein, Robert Dawson, Jack Sorenson, John Leone, and many more are featured in this collection that represents lifeblood of Texas.

The winning spirit of Texas has made the oil and gas industry in Texas what it is today, a way that benefits all. The artistry presented in our Oil and Gas collection is a visual representation of the life and people behind the business and how the petroleum industry added to both the folklore of Texas life and to public coffers. It represents the heritage of all Americans, no matter where on the continent they happen to live, no matter how recently their ancestors arrived on its shores.

All Legacy of Texas Art, excluding Prints, Broadsides, and Ephemera, are framed elegant mahogany and matted with glass. Hanging hardware is included and pieces are delivered ready to hang.


Legacy of Texas is proud to offer a wide-range of titles from a large selection of University and independent presses across the country. Expand your Texas book collection today by shopping the authoritative source of Texas culture and history. Browse a selection of Western Americana titles with a particular emphasis on books about Texas and its rich history. Offering in print and new titles, with subjects ranging from the Alamo to politics, you are sure to find something of interest. Whether you are a lifelong Texan who wants to deepen their passion for the Lone Star State or a non-native taking their first step toward discovering our state’s rich history, Legacy of Texas has something for you.

Our history is not a recital of where we have been, or even where we are now, but a foundational inspiration for all that we can be. We believe that all Texans who have benefited from our history have a sacred charge to keep in passing it on to future generations and our books reflect that passion.

About TSHA

Founded as a private, nonprofit educational organization on March 2, 1897-the 61st anniversary of the Texas Declaration of Independence–TSHA (Texas State Historical Association) has long been regarded as the nation’s most dynamic regional history organization. Reinforced by more than one hundred years of scholarship and educational programs, its mission is to foster the appreciation, understanding, and teaching of the rich and unique history of Texas and, by example and through programs and activities, encourage and promote research, preservation, and publication of historical material affecting the state of Texas.

TSHA is the state’s longest-running publisher of books on Texas history, having published its first volume in 1917. Through the years, the press has established a reputation as a publisher of high-quality, award-winning books on a wide variety of Texas topics, including exploration, biographies, historic places, famous battles, architecture, and art. All lovers of Texas’s rich past will find books to enjoy.

For more about us, please visit our website: https://tshaonline.org