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Explore these curated collections of popular Texas themes and discover great titles that showcase our passion for Texas history.

In 1914, the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austrian throne, sparked a chain of events that would lead to World War I. After the United States joined the call to arms in 1917, Texans were strongly behind the war effort. Almost 200,000 Texans saw service in the armed forces during the war, and 450 Texas women served as nurses. Texans at home raised money by buying Liberty Bonds, and women joined the workforce to manufacture products for war. War gardens were planted, food was rationed, and industries gave their resources to help with the fight. There was no question that the Lone Star State made its mark on the Great War. At Legacy of Texas, we’d like to remember these efforts by featuring a collection of books that highlight Texas contributions to World War I. Check out our special spotlight products to learn all about this critical time in history.

It’s back-to-school season, which means it’s time to celebrate our Texas teachers. Our products from Legacy of Texas make great gifts for educators and their classrooms, with plenty of items to dress up white walls and fill empty shelves. We have a range of books covering nearly every Texas topic, from stories of the Alamo to Lone Star State legends and lore. Our assortment of art, flags, and detailed maps also make great visual aids for any Texas history lesson. The wide selection ensures that there’s something for every student, parent, and teacher alike. With so many great products to choose from, you’ll be rolling in the A’s in no time!

Happy Cowboy Christmas!

Straighten up the saddles and crack open a Lone Star - it’s time for Cowboy Christmas, that special time of year where all the rough-and-tough western wranglers compete in the summer rodeo season. Legacy of Texas has chosen a special selection of western memorabilia to help you celebrate our Texas ranching heritage, with books and maps to put under the Cowboy Christmas tree and flags to hang over the fireplace. You won’t want to see this one ride away!

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It's summertime in Texas – the kids are out of school, people are firing up their grills, and families are hopping in their cars for summer road trips. From the big cities to small towns, the Lone Star State is full of exciting places to see and experience.

At Legacy of Texas, we celebrate this fun summertime season by featuring a few of our products relating to vacation destinations and historic Texas landmarks. Choose from this selection to get ideas for your summer vacation or to learn more about the cities and Texas landmarks you plan to visit. Have a good time this summer, and enjoy these products from Legacy of Texas!

At the end of the Civil War, Texas was poised to enter the golden age of cattle trailing. With an abundance of cattle populating the state and demand rising across the country, cattle farmers were happy to avoid depressed prices at home by earning much more outside of the state. It would not be long before a network of new trails were established to better transport cattle through Texas and across state lines.

This month, as we recognize the 150th anniversary of the Chisholm Trail, Legacy of Texas is featuring our products detailing the histories of cattlemen, ranchers, and the trailing industry. Follow the incredible journeys of the cowboys who blazed trails throughout the state and across the country as you browse our selection of maps, books, and art. Purchase the items below and add to your Texas history collection today.