A Town Called Cedar Springs (Used)


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A Town Called Cedar Springs
Author: A.C. Greene, Barbara Whitehead (illustrator)
Publisher: The Springs, Dallas, Texas, 1984 (privately published)
Hardcover, First Edition. 54pp.

“Once there was a place — a town called Cedar Springs . this site was loved by the Indians, and the cedar springs were known to the white man before he decided to settle beside them; the first National Highway in the Republic of Texas came to the Springs and the first permanent structure erected by white men in Dallas was at the place. The spot was a thing of beauty, with fresh water Springs, groves of trees and clear running streams. This settlement at the Springs grew quickly. It stretched along the Creek, and spread across wide fields, embraced farms and orchards. It offered its people a good reason to live there. It had a store, a doctor who was a pharmacist, a smithy, it had good water and a ferry to cross the bad water. And as it grew it added a track for horse racing, a grist mill, a distillery, and academy of higher learning, a place to worship. Some of the most important Dallas pioneers called the Springs home. The town of Cedar Springs even got ambitious and ran for County seat, only to be cheated out of the honor, oldtimers swore. Then slowly the place died. The old faces disappeared one by one, the new faces moved on. The upstart village of Dallas that cheated Cedar Springs out of the County seat also drew off new-comers, and around the Springs, everything changed, until there came a time when the name was almost lost, the town forgotten. That other place, Dallas, reached out and embraced this place, drove around and through, swallowing its history so that only the rambling road leading to it was left to preserve some memory of what was and what almost was.”

Condition: Good. Very fine condition. No dust jacket as issued.

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