Almonte’s Texas: Juan N. Almonte’s 1834 Inspection, Secret Report, and Role in the 1836 Campaign


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In late 1833, Mexico began to fear that its northeastern territory in Texas would be lost to North American colonists. Later, to determine the actual state of affairs, Mexico sent Col. Juan N. Almonte to Texas on an inspection. Upon his return to Mexico in 1834, Almonte wrote a secret report of measures to avoid losing Texas. Find the report, along with more than fifty letters that Almonte wrote during his inspection, in this book. Discover new insights on Mexico’s attitudes toward foreign colonists and their revolution of 1835-1836. When Santa Anna marched north towards the Texas rebellion, Almonte accompanied him as an advisor. He kept a journal, lost at the Battle of San Jacinto, presented here with full annotation.

Read about Almonte’s role in the 1836 campaign, as well as his subsequent activities. Through Almonte’s Texas we gain an appreciation for a man involved in changing the history of Texas.


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