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Civil War Texas provides a definitive description of Texas during the Civil War. In addition to this, included is a guide for those who wish to visit war sites in Texas. Since most battles of the Civil War took place east of the Mississippi River, many forget Texas’ war efforts. Over 70,000 Texans served in the Confederate army during the war. Among other establishments, soldiers exchanged Texas cotton shipped through Mexico for weapons and ammunition. The state itself was the target of the Union army and navy. Federal forces occupied Galveston for three months and blockaded by the Union navy for four years. Captured cities included Brownsville, Port Lavaca, and Indianola. Furthermore, Sabine Pass, Corpus Christi, and Laredo were all under enemy attack.

The Civil War had significant impact upon life within the state. The naval blockade created shortages for various commodities such as coffee, salt, ink, pins, and needles. Texas women operated farms and plantations in the absence of their soldier husbands. As the author points out in the narrative, not all Texans supported the Confederacy. Many Texans in Hill Country and North Texas opposed secession. In fact, several attempted to remain neutral and/or worked for a Union victory. Over two thousand Texans, led by future governor Edmund J. Davis, joined the Union army. In this researched work, Ralph A. Wooster describes Texas’s role in the war. Photographs, maps, and a bibliography provide additional information on the Civil War and Texas.

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