Hill Country Deco: Modernistic Architecture of Central Texas


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Using a host of vibrant images, David Bush and Jim Parsons’ Hill Country Deco: Modernistic Architecture of Central Texas captures the essence of the Art Deco style of architecture as represented in the Hill Country of Texas. Hill Country Deco explores how the rich history of these structures collides with progressive notions of historic preservation for remodeling buildings and restoring façades. This collection of historical and modern photographs will encourage a newfound appreciation for Art Deco as seen in Central Texas.

The Art Deco style covers a range of buildings, from commercial to residential. The sweeping curves of the Alameda Theater in San Antonio exhibit typical Art Moderne style. The Austin U. S. courthouse brings WPA Deco up to date from the 1940s, and the San Antonio Express-News Building showcases the classic style of what most people today think of as Art Deco.

Not only does this book of photography embrace the history of Art Deco, it takes a series of edifices and recognizes the artistic elements and economic purposes of each one. The authors offer insight on architectural preservation while providing an appreciative view of sometimes overlooked corners of Central Texas. Some buildings are obscure and hardly recognizable as what they once were; others were fortunate enough to have their Deco style maintained over the span of decades. Bush and Parsons have made it a personal mission to ensure that the readers of Hill Country Deco will, upon viewing these beautiful buildings, yearn for a road trip to some of these sites to discover Art Deco history for themselves.


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