Log Cabin Kitty


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Howdy, folks! Come join Miss Pepper, a feline resident of Fort Worth’s Log Cabin Village, as she meanders through this “village from a long time ago.” Illustrated with original artwork and photos of the village and cabins, Log Cabin Kitty provides a glimpse of life during pioneer days.
Did you know that pioneers often built secret stairways and ladders in their cabins to help them hide from unwanted intruders? As you follow Pepper through the village, you will learn about the dangers, challenges, and joys of pioneer life while exploring the homes of the families who once lived in these cabins. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for Cat Track Facts! These fun facts help young readers imagine what life was like for children growing up during the 1800s, and instructions for pioneer recipes and crafts help them experience pioneer life for themselves.
Journey with Log Cabin Kitty as she explores this exciting time in American history through a tour of the Log Cabin Village.



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