Texas Fahrten (Used)


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From the Introduction: “A German language musical drama, consisting of twelve narrative scenes, or chapters, interspersed with an equal number of choral and solo songs.” The manuscript for Texas Fahrten was found in the Sophienburg Memorial Association Archives in New Braunfels, Texas. Neither the date nor the composer’s identity can be confirmed, but this 19th-century writing may be the only musical piece ever written in German in Texas.

The many thousands of German immigrants who helped to settle Texas in its formative years around the middle of the nineteenth century and then again in the decades after the Civil War, brought with them a cultural heritage unique in its variety and richness. The visual, in a folkloric sense, ‘material’ aspects of this transplanted German culture have long been admired in the Lone Star State. Much less accessible, but no less important and representative of this cultural heritage is the ‘non-material’ record. Intellectually and spiritually, Texas Germans have influenced the political, the educational and the religious development of Texas in distinctive ways. There is also an abundant linguistic record. In addition to the spoken language, Texanisch-Deutsch, there is the record of the written language, not only that brought over from Germany, but the ‘new’ record, described in the German language, of being an immigrant, or being a pioneer and, eventually, of being a citizen of Texas and of the United States.

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