The Establishment in Texas Politics (Used)

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Texas has a history of producing nationally prominent leaders. It is also important for its burgeoning population and its natural resources. Few can argue that its politics are not fascinating.

The years from 1938 to 1957 were the most primitive period of rule by the Texas Establishment, a loosely knit plutocracy of the Anglo upper classes answering only to the vested interests in banking, oil, land development, law, the merchant houses, and the press. Establishment rule was reflected in numerous and harsh antilabor laws, the suppression of academic freedom, a segregationist philosophy, elections marred by demagoguery and corruption, the devolution of the daily press, and a state government that offered its citizens, especially minorities, very few services. Important elements in the contemporary political scene originated between 1938 and 1957.

About the Author:

George Norris Green is Professor of History in the University of Texas at Arlington. He confesses to a strange exhilaration in watching and politics, which he hopes his readers will share.

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