The Jack Ruby Trial Revisited


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By: John Mark Dempsey, Editor

The Diary of Jury Foreman Max Causey.

Max Causey, a 35-year-old administrative engineer, maintained a diary during the trial and wrote a memoir two years later. The editor of this volume, his nephew and a journalism professor, presents the diary and memoir, together with trial transcripts, newspaper articles, letters written in reaction to the verdict, and recent interviews with four surviving jurors. The collection sustains interest on many levels: as an insider’s look at one of the nation’s most famous trials; as an account of the surprisingly swift deliberations; as a consideration of how the hubris of attorney Melvin Belli worked against his client; and as a sampling of the enormous range of reactions the verdict engendered. Readers will probably recognize the names Kennedy and Oswald, perhaps even Ruby, and might pick up the book as another slant on that infamous episode in our history. However, once they start reading, they will be drawn into a fascinating account of what it is like to be on a jury, especially a sequestered one in a major trial. The editor does a fine job of piecing the story together, adding explanatory material with a light but appropriate touch.


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