Trans-Missouri Stock Raising (Used)


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Trans-Missouri Stock Raising, The Pasture Lands of North America: Winter Grazing

Author: Dr. Hiram Latham
Introduction: Jeff C. Dykes
Illustrations: E.M. Schiwetz
Publisher: Old West Publishing Company, Denver CO, 1962
Edition: Hardcover, 1st Edition of reprint, 94 pages
Condition: Good. Some moderate wear. Dust jacket in a Mylar cover.
ISBN-10: 1585445029

From the Introduction: “Trans-Missouri Stock Raising by Dr. H. Latham was the first general appraisal of any important segment of our great cow country. It was issued in a booklet of 88 pages at Omaha in 1871. Latham’s book was distributed by the Union Pacific Railroad to encourage settlement along its tracks.” A description of the vast region lying between the Arkansas on the South, the British Possessions on the North, the 100th meridian on the East and the summit of the Rocky Mountains on the West. Where the grasses are self-curing, and where sheep and cattle live and thrive the year round without other food or shelter than that afforded by nature. With Appendix of brief biographical sketches of many of the men who wrote letters quoted in this book. Written to promote Union Pacific interests but constitutes the first survey of the cattle industry.

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